Coaches Expectations

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Expectations of Eau Claire Fastpitch Softball Coaches

Supporters of the Eau Claire Fastpitch Softball Program can expect the following from the coaching staff:

They will:

  • be positive role models.

  • be leaders and motivators.

  • be positive, supportive, enthusiastic, and encouraging.

  • be fully prepared and organized for each practice and game.

  • make sure that all equipment is ready and safe.

  • teach skills at age appropriate levels.

  • make sure that players get to experience many different situations associated with the game.

  • follow the age-division rules of the Chippewa Valley Softball League.



Strongly Disagree






Did your daughter have fun this season?






Did your daughter improve her existing softball skills this season?






Did your daughter learn new softball skills this season?






Did your daughter learn teamwork life lessons?






Did your daughter learn fair play and good sportsmanship?






Did the coaches help create an atmosphere of fun for the players?






Did the coaches conduct organized practices?






Did the coaches effectively teach fundamental softball skills?






Did the coaches effectively introduce age appropriate new softball skills?






Did the coaches emphasize teamwork (and allow rotation of positions)?






Did the coaches discuss fair play and sportsmanship with the players?






Did the coaches demonstrate fair play and sportsmanship in their actions on field?






Did the coaches demonstrate care and commitment to the safety of players?






Did the team parent share team and league information appropriately?






Were the practice facilities the team used or league provided adequate?






Were the fields used for games well prepared and safe?






Did the Fastpitch League provide the foundation necessary for league play?






Did you volunteer for the team or league enough to make a positive difference?