Mission Statement

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Jeffers Park Development




The mission of the Jeffers Park Development Project is to plan and construct Jeffers Park to feature a five field baseball and softball complex and include such other public park amenities as a playground, pavilion, and trails.  The land is owned by the City, the use approved by the City Council, and the site rough graded for this use in addition to its present brush site and storm water facility functions.  The project is a collaboration of two youth sports leagues, the Eau Claire National Little League and Eau Claire Fastpitch, plus the City of Eau Claire.  The ball field complex would be the first joint boy and girl ball fields in the City and expand limited access to fields.  The fields would be the first City softball fields for girls outside of Carson Park, now used primarily by UWEC and the high schools, and allow both the boys and girls improved league and tournament opportunities.  Jeffers Park will also provide the neighborhood and northwest side of Eau Claire much needed access to a community park offering a variety of active and passive outdoor recreational activities. 


Purpose Statement


The Project is a collaboration between two youth sports leagues, Eau Claire National Little League and Eau Claire Fastpitch, and the City of Eau Claire, which all desire to further youth development, physical fitness, community access to well designed and maintained outdoor recreational areas, and opportunity to “Play Ball!” through the construction and opening to the public of Jeffers Park.